AYEC Chairmanship 2021

AYEC Chairmanship 2021

AYEC Chairmanship 2021

2016 marked a significant milestone, with the first ever ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival being held in the "Tropical Paradise" of Malaysia. It has since served as a forum to strengthen connection, sharing and business cooperation, to raise a common voice for the ASEAN young entrepreneurs community.

With that mission in mind, the 2nd ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival took place in the "Country of A Thousand Islands" - the Philippines, the 3rd in the "Lion Island" - Singapore, and the 4th in Thailand - "the Country of Golden Temple". These forums have achieved remarkable results over the years.

In 2020, the 5th ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival is hosted by Viet Nam. The S-shaped land with diverse flora, majestic and picturesque sceneries, and friendly and compassionate people.

To continue this journey, the 6th Carnival will be held in Brunei, with a view to upholding the mission to connect and promote the values and spirit of aspiring and ambitious young entrepreneurs, and leading our countries toward a greater destiny.




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