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The ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Association (AYEA) aims to promote exchange and cooperation among young entrepreneurs and investors within ASEAN Member States, to serve the AYEA members and investors, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of members, to strengthen the communication and relationship between the members and governmental organizations in ASEAN Member States, and to encourage its members to contribute to the development of ASEAN and international economic cooperation. The AYEA is guided and overseen by the AYEC.

The AYEA is the first of its kind initiative to network young entrepreneurs from each of the ASEAN Member States with their peers across the region. Membership in the Association allows access to AYEA events in the region such as the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival and other domestic events organized by the AYEA component organizations. Through the AYEA, members are able to make direct contact with suppliers, potential partners, and access new markets for their business.

AYEA was officially launched on the 25th January 2017 under the Manila Declaration. 

We further welcomed the establishment of national chapters of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Association (AYEA), designed to promote the inclusion of youth in entrepreneurial activities in the region.

– ASEAN Manila Declaration 2017