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Introduction to the
ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC)

The ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC) is the official voice of young entrepreneurs in the ASEAN policy-making process. It was successfully proposed by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) to the ASEAN Leaders in 2015 and later that year launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It consists of a network of government endorsed young entrepreneur associations from all 10 ASEAN Member States. Besides participation in the ASEAN Economic Integration process, AYEC also serves as a young entrepreneurs network, with direct connectivity with the respective national level associations and the ASEAN Secretariat. Besides participation in the ASEAN Economic Integration process, AYEC also serves as a young entrepreneurs network, with direct connectivity with the respective national level associations and the ASEAN Secretariat. AYEC is also provided a seat in the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Joint Business Councils (ASEAN-BAC JBCs), where proposals on young entrepreneurship are tabled to the official private sector representative in ASEAN. With that came about our ABAC-AYEC Policy Dialogue Forum (AAPDF) which aims to give voice to ASEAN’s young entrepreneurs and uniting key AYEC stakeholders behind a common agenda for the betterment of young entrepreneurship as a key engine of ASEAN’s innovation-led economic growth.

Under the AYEC is its inaugural event the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival which moves around ASEAN every year following the calendar with its 6th continual carnival happening in Brunei this year in November, 2021. 

Under the governance of the AYEC, ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Association (AYEA) was formed in 2016 to promote exchange and cooperation between young entrepreneurs and investors within ASEAN member states. Not only to drive and empower the young entrepreneurs, the association also looks forward to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of its members to strengthen the communication and relationship between corresponding governmental organisations and encourages its members to contribute to the development of ASEAN and international corporate development. This year we have officially launched our ASEAN Young Women Entrepreneurs Club (AYWEC), which operates under the AYEC as a voluntary socio-professional organisation of ASEAN Young Women entrepreneurs owning or managing businesses in all economic sectors. 

All national association members in the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC) are by appointment of the respective national ASEAN Member State (AMS) government, with 3 appointed representatives from each member association to sit in the AYEC.


The member associations of AYEC are:

  1. Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei (YEAB)

  2. Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC)

  3. Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia (HIPMI)

  4. Young Entrepreneurs Association of Laos (YEAL)

  5. Malaysian Young Entrepreneurs ASEAN Association (MAYA)

  6. Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA)

  7. Philippines Young Entrepreneurs Association (PYEA)

  8. Singapore Business Federation (SBF)

  9. Thailand Young Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce

  10. Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association (VYEA)


The Founding members of AYEC 2015

The ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC) was setup by a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs from all over ASEAN, of which all had the same vision. To have one official place for young entrepreneurs to work together for the betterment of ASEAN business amongst us all. It was their handwork and determination that brought together AYEC.

Brunei Darussalam

Hjh Norlela H.A.B


Edwin Solomon Khan

Executive Committee


Oknha Sok Piseth


Kouch Pheng

Board of Director

Lim Socheat

Board of Director


Bahlil Lahadalia


Bagas Adhadirga

International and Tourism Affairs Division Deputy Chairman

Raditya Priamanaya Djan

Secretary General


Hans Lukiman


Dr. Hongkham Souvannavong


Dr. Anousone Rassavong


Litthikay Phoummasak

Secretary General


Syed Nabil Aljeffri

Chairman 2015

Deborah Melissa Bottreau

President & AYEC Secretary General

Mohd Faddli B Atan

Secretary General


Htun Htun Naing

President & AYEC Treasurer

Aung Soe Tha

Vice President

Thaung Su  Nyein

Vice President


Rommel Gerodias


Mark Augustine Rivera

Vice President

Raymound Joshua Tan

Secretary General



Exco Member

Susan Chong

Exco Member


Rutt Pongsurapipat

YEC Member

Saran  Monaraks

YEC Member

Kachaphol  Harinsuit

YEC Member


Bui Van Quan


Nguyen Thu Phong

Vice Chairman



Ms. Nurliyana Fatin Arifin

Position: AYEC Chairwoman 2021
Email: fatinarifin@gmail.com
Instagram: fatin_arifin

Louis Loo

Position: Council Member

Goh Chai Li (CL) 

Position: Council Member



Position: Head Council Member
Email: president@yeacambodia.org

Oknha Pech Bolen 

Position: Council Member
Email: ceo@wegcambodia.com 

Mr. BUN Sambath

Position: Council Member
Email: ed@yeacambodia.org


Yohanes Lukiman

Position: Head Council Member

Bagas Adhadirgha

Position: Council Member

Mohamad Nazars

Position: Council Member


Ms. Philaiphone Vongpraseuth

Position: Head Council Member
Email: pvongpraseuth@gmail.com

Mdm. Souvaly Khamphoui

Position: Council Member

Viboon Sithimolada

Position: Council Member


Dr. Aung Thura

Position: Head Council Member
Email: aung.thura@thuraswiss.com

Mr. Zaw Min Thant

Position: Council Member

Mr. Win Htet Maung Maung

Position: Council Member


Mrs. Deborah Melissa Bottreau

Position: Head Council Member & Secretary-General
Email: debs@sienna-dmb.com
Instagram: debottreau

Mohamad Johan Nasir

Position: Council Member

Dato Daniel Lee Kee Foong

Position: Council Member


Charmaine Co Leong

Position: Head Council Member
Email: charmainecbk@gmail.com

Victoria Martinez – Esquivias

Position: Council Member

Ms. Melissa Claire M. Varela

Position: Council Member
Email: mele_ph@yahoo.com


Mohammad Omar SHAHZAD

Position: Head Council Member

Theodore Khng

Position: Council Member

Soo Wei-Chieh

Position: Council Member


Ms. Nicha Ratanachinda

Position: Head Council Member
Email: nicha@profrtgroup.com
Instagram: nichadao

Ms. Sirida Nagadatta

Position: Council Member
Email: siridanagadatta@gmail.com
Instagram: tidtytidster

Gavin Vongkusolkit

Position: Council Member
Email: Gavin.vongkusolkit@gmail.com
Instagram: odtomato


Dang Hong Anh

Position: Head Council Member

John Tran

Position: Council Member

Pham Thi Bich Hue

Position: Council Member