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6th ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival, Brunei 2021

Day One – 19th November 2021 (Friday)

9.00pm to 17.00pm (BSB/KUL time) GMT+8

9.00 AM – 12.00 PM
AYEC-ABAC Policy Dialogue Forum
14.00 PM – 17.00 PM
ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council Meeting

Day Two – Saturday, 20 November 2021

8.30am to 18.00pm (BSB/KUL time) GMT+8

8.30 AM – 9.00 AM

Opening Session

Welcoming Address
9.00 AM – 11.00 AM

Session One

“The COVID-19 Disruption: Reflections from Across ASEAN" with a panel of young entrepreneurs across ASEAN

Moderated by Ms. Olivia Marzuki, Business Journalist & Board Member, ASEAN Young Women Entrepreneurs Club [Indonesia]

11.00 AM – 12.30 PM

Session Two

“Re-imagining Leadership in the Age of New Normal”

Moderated by Mr. Andrew Dy, GM Regional Programs, Asia Inc Forum [Brunei]

12.30 PM – 13.15 PM

Session Three

Keynote Address & Dialogue “Thriving in the New Paradigm”

Keynote Address by Government Officials (Brunei)

Keynote Address by a Senior Government Official [Brunei] Followed by a dialogue moderated by Mr. Allen Lai, Director –

13.15 PM – 14.45 PM

Session Four

“Women as Co-Creators: Rising Above Turbulence and Uncertainties”

with a panel of inspiring women leaders & entrepreneurs

Moderated by Ms. Sylvia Nguyen Ngoc My, Co-Chair, ASEAN Young Women Entrepreneurs Club [Vietnam]

14.45 PM – 16.15 PM

Session Five

“The Imperative for Digitalisation: Building Smart Businesses”

with a panel of innovative and resilient entrepreneurs

Moderated by Mr. Shaun Hoon, Founder, Curious Mind [Brunei]

16.15 PM – 17.30 PM

Session Six

“Sama-Sama: Collaboration for Recovery”

with a panel of mavericks utilizing collaboration for business recovery

Moderated by Ms. Deborah Melissa Bottreau, Managing & Creative Director; Sienna DMB Sdn Bhd; Secretary General, ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council & President, Malaysia Young Entrepreneurs ASEAN Association [Malaysia]

17.30 PM – 18.00 PM

Closing Session

Handover Ceremony to Cambodia Closing Remarks